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As a person that loves to get prepped/psyched for the season, I have enjoyed listening to the source music before the season begins.  Unfortunately in 2021, this is not the case.  Most of the show announcements have only provided "Music by" information and no titles.  I understand they are trying to create anticipation for the season.  Unfortunately, it also gives us little chance to get familiar with pieces we may not know from genres we don't usually listen to.

As a young musician back in the 70s, I got my first real taste of "live" classical and jazz by listening/watching Regiment, Blue Devils, SCV.  I marched in corps that played a fair amount of current/pop titles .  Now as "The Old Corps Guy" I am not as familiar with some of the genres being played by current corps and enjoy getting a "First Listen" before the season to familiarize myself with the music.


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I like this too.  For the same reasons I'll dig through the "Music Drum Corps Should Do" thread from time to time.  There's both the "new genres" discovery and the internal creative speculation of,  " will they arrange this for Drum Corps and weave it into a show concept?"

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