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Prediction Type Thread

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14 hours ago, Ghost said:

Only four?  I'll take the over.

key word: some

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58 minutes ago, Ghost said:

Or a bunch of XXXXXXXXXXXX's for profanity.

oh #### that ####

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I like waffles.

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On 6/25/2021 at 9:34 PM, WilsonStaff said:

Do you have any info on the hologram tech reaching the point to fully animate? Any ideas besides crown who might take this to the next level? I think the Blue Devils will be first to put this technology forward. 

The technology used to capture and project holograms has advanced rapidly in recent years, with each passing day we get closer to the inevitable hologramization of drum corps. If you're one of those dinosaurs who absolutely hated the switch from G bugles, or the introduction of uniforms so tight you could see every bend and curve of a marchers body then be prepared to double up on your blood pressure medicine when you see what these show designers have in store for us. 



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