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On 7/15/2021 at 4:55 PM, Brian Tuma said:

This might be a fun exercise to hear everyone’s opinions.

One corps

One reason you love them

I love the Blue Stars because they won DIII in 1993 with thirteen horns. That kind of gutsiness is evident all these years later in their programming choices.

Share your love!


their hornline 

This was easy as I am a brass player 😁

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Well...Boston Crusaders of course. And, not just because I marched there and later taught there.  They are an 81 year old miracle.  They survived World War II, four other wars, the Catholic Church, the draft, 5 recessions, a fire where they lost everything, getting stranded in Europe in 1982, reinventing themselves as "Boston" and marching 51 total in 1983 (in Div 1, no less) another financial upheaval in 98, strategic move to acquire membership from Florida, now over 20 consecutive years in the top 12, raised money like nobody has ever seen in the past 6 years, and in the pandemic year of 2021, constructing their largest, most talented, geographically diverse drum corps in their history, complete with entirely new equipment, uniforms, and cutting edge technology.  It's been a long haul since the days of traveling to Allentown on one bus and sleeping on the lawn of the Allentown Water Department building the night before the show.  Every kid who has worn the uniform since 1940 has benefitted from this drum corps.  So, yeah, that's why I love them.

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15 hours ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

Lurking or not, if they are not in Indy, then they are not in Indy.

however, they will be there for when there is a competitive DCI season, and odds are their run of being the only corps to make every finals will continue

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Since people have already said things about some of my favorites and I claim to be Old School at heart though I love what I see on the field today, and love to hear when a corps develops the entire person, I’m going with 7th Regiment. 7th Regiment provides what might be called a traditional drum corps experience as far as work, expectations, and dedication are concerned but they are contemporary in their approach and show ideas. They know the comfort level of their marching members but they also push the kids to do better than they thought possible. They can be service minded and in the past have done some unique things such as playing at Mystic Aquarium where even the beluga whales joined in the fun. Added bonus: they seem like friendly and good kids. When they fill empty seats to watch other corps perform, you never see an attitude if the ticket holder returns and they have to move. How often does that happen?

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