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I saw some of the Crossmen fundraiser from a little while ago. Their show had something to do with Chess, which I'm sure someone else can elaborate on.

Crossmen were running chuncks of the opener, and it sounded and look pretty dang good.


I'm surprised that they're no being hyped.

Let's hear some Crossmen hype!

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I was there too (and I can't sleep anyway), so I'll add a little more:

It opened with various local ensembles.  Those were about what you'd expect, although El Dorado's community band has been in continuous operation for over 100 years.  Impressive.

Crossmen were doing a camp with local high school band members, so they featured those campers first.  The color guard campers did a short number that looked good considering they first learned it earlier that day.  The horn and drum campers then took the field with the Crossmen horn and drum lines and played Russian Christmas Music.  The campers were kind of drowned out by the Crossmen horn and drum lines.  I'm sure that was a bummer if you were the parents of one of those campers, but I got to hear Crossmen play it.  Goosebumps!

After that, they did a portion of their show.  As the original poster said, the theme is chess and each of the 3 pieces relates to some aspect of the game.  The opener is Minuano (six-eight) by Pat Metheny.  Sorry, I was so geeked by that that I didn't catch the name of the other 2 (and there were no programs given out that I could refer to later).

I should mention that they weren't in uniform tonight (just shorts and tshirts).  However, they did break out the white aussies!

The show they trotted out tonight was very bare-bones (no pun intended; he wasn't there by the way).  The flags were all solid color, which I took to mean that they weren't the ones we'll see in Indy.  There were no props or anything going on GE-wise other than playing, marching (well, some body movement too), and guard work.  In a normal year, I'd say that it just means that we'll see them add stuff later, but this year...

As a bonus, they did as an encore a stand-still performance of Birdland.  That was a nice bonus for me, considering it was the last piece I ever played with them (it was the closer my age-out year).

For anyone else that was there, please add on for anything I missed.

KCWolfpack9396 - Former Crossmen Bari

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