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DCI Celebration - Akron: August 9th

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I’m on cloud 9 getting to see live drum corps again. Everyone did exceptional, I was thoroughly impressed with all of them. Some quick thoughts: 

- Cadets brass sound is scary good. They could be dangerous with the right show design. Thought the traditional uniforms looked very good on the field.

- Boston just continues to get better each year. The screens were more distraction than helpful to me.

- Not to ruffle any feathers tho, but as a whole package, the Bluecoats are head and shoulders above everyone else right now and that seemed to be the general consensus of those around me. Just no weaknesses.

Safe travels all and congrats to everyone on a magical night!

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14 minutes ago, Tommeee said:

Bluecoats are, BY FAR, the best corps at doing encores these days!  That was great!!

They are definitely great with their encores  . ( posted so above ) . But I might quibble a bit when you post “ BY FAR , the best at doing encores these days “, as I can think of others that are just as great  too ( . Phantom Regiment for just one Corps of a few others I could cite that are right up there too most years . Cadets another   , imo ) 


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32 minutes ago, Boss Anova said:

I have heard audio sound better from Drum Corps shows put on YouTube  from Corps shows in the 1960’s sound better than what DCI and FLO Marching have arranged .  I won’t renew with Flo . 

I have been reading comments here and feeling skeptical about FLO for years.  But with no corps in 2020, and limited tour this year, I did sign up.  Ive been watching stuff on there besides DCI, so it’s worth it to me.  The sad thing is, of all the sports I’ve watched on FLO, DCI seems to be the worst broadcast quality.  It’s pretty unfortunate when almost ANY amateur cell phone video from the stands has better sound quality than the FLO broadcast.  Come on gang - please do better!  Tonight’s sound was the worst I’ve experienced all season.  Gotta go back to basics, I think.

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4 minutes ago, kdaddy said:

Just rewound to Bluecoats. I'm still not feeling the first third, but there's nothing better than the second half. Wow.

Same here . 1st third ( or half ) sort of meh , but by the 2nd half it gets going and  goes great until it ends with the loud gong . ( Dislike that annoying sound of the gong at the end . ) But no need to quibble , performers are  talented and perform the heck out of this entertaining show . 

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Just got back from the show. What a fun night and everyone was thrilling. I really missed drum corps last season so this show really hit the spot for me. 

Overall thoughts: Synth bass is still pretty overpowering at times. This is just a universal thing with all the corps. That said there is a world of difference when you can hear the groups live vs streamed. Even with the stronger synth bass (at least to my liking) you definitely get a better read on balances, solos, etc. Most of the time the brass and percussion were coming through wonderfully. Mallets did not seem as hot as they often do on Flo feeds. That's not necessarily all Flo's fault either. Most solos were better balanced live. There are times when the corps use too much effect or reverb and the balances became too much for me. 

As for the corps, Rhythm n Blue was wonderful. Great charts, nice bass and tuba players, and the lead trumpets were fantastic. A perfect selection of music. 

Columbus Saints are a young youth organization but Bravo for coming to Akron and performing. They had a young guard member who did a fantastic job and was being cheered on by the fans. A few nice solos in baritone and trumpet, and they performed a very nice closer. They put the pit behind the brass and I think that was smart for the age group. Overall very enjoyable. 

Music City just absolutely blew me away! This corps is performing so well. You have to see them live to feel the energy and the sound of the brass and percussion. Pit was great as well. I loved the energy. They really have quite a bit of demand in the show. Very physical body moves, and the guard with all the color, hoops, and the lighted sticks at the end were a treat. 


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