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The end of scores?


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On 8/15/2021 at 9:35 AM, FTNK said:

So the circumstances of the universe created a season without scoring - something that when I was marching "they" said would never happen.

Seems like the atmosphere surrounding the activity is a lot healthier than usual. A lot more positive. No endless ####-talking between fans and #####ing about tenths from this judge or that, or if Czapinski hates our guard, etc etc. All the competitive BS between corps is gone too - you're naive if you think 20 year olds are mature enough to not be ######## about it [reminds me of 2007 when I saw a Crown member after a show and told him how much I loved what they were doing, and they just said "We should be beating Phantom."] 

The argument was always "if there is no competition, there won't be the incentive to strive for excellence." Seems like that was BS too. Fans seem to be eating up the shows made for them rather than to eek out a couple of points of GE.

Maybe it's time to ditch the scores?

There will always be scores, however after driving an equipment tractor trailer for a couple of corps for ten years, and talking to the MM's,  I was surprised at how many mentioned they were just enjoying the experience and not concerned about chasing a ring. Those interested in auditioning for a top 3 corps seemed to be around 15%. 

Most others were interested in making their present corps better.

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20 minutes ago, GUARDLING said:

Interesting isn't it. considering how so many fear change...lol

Meh, some fear change just because.  Others resist change if its stupid; self defeating or dumb.  Like eliminating local tours, that ticked all three boxes.


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