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March or Die thoughts 2021....

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Some valid points as so many have made on here, but I think he's wanting to put the toothpaste back into the tube. 

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I agree he has some valid points. The electronics were too strong this past year. Personally I think some corps did use this year to experiment a bit and that was due to no judging. There were also more moments where electronics had issues. My guess is many notes were taken as to what worked and didn’t work and when competition is back, the electronics might be more balanced. I won’t hold my breath, however. There may be even more complaints than this year about electronics.

As far as this past year was concerned, I loved it, loved what the corps did, enjoyed the audience interaction with the corps, and do believe limited stress regarding competition all played into a great experience. That being said, before we look at this year as a model going forward, there are things to consider. One is the audience. The audience was smaller this year for many valid reasons. From what I could see it was an older crowd. I’m also willing to bet many were seasoned fans and few people went to Indy for their first drum corps experience. Many of us who went believe that supporting the activity was crucial at this time. I’m not an “everyone gets a participant trophy” guy, but each year I attend I am in my seat when the first corps takes the field and am there when the final scores are announced. I do give everyone a standing ovation just because I am glad they are there. The same happened this year. That’s the crowd that was in Indy this year. 

Regarding Phantom and Cadets, loved both shows. When I first saw Cadets in Quincy I would have been bawling if I was a cryer, but the purpose of the retro show this year was not just a trip down memory lane. When we left off in 2019, Cadets survival was questionable. The corps was in debt, the show was not well received which could have hurt recruitment. I know we always hear Cadets alumni would never let the corps die, it could have happened.  Cadets had to show they were a vibrant, viable corps to future members and alums. That they more than did, but as much as I loved the show, it may not have worked in a competitive year. For Phantom, 2003 with its classic arrangements was amazing, however while the arrangements were largely the same, and the show included some great retro drill moves, it was not an exact duplicate. I don’t thinks fans would be praising Cadets or Phantom if this was a competitive year.

I have followed drum corps since 1975. I became more knowledgeable when I was in high school and knew people who marched with different corps. None of the top corps competed to entertain crowds and be the audience favorites. They were fierce competitors and if they existed today would still be fierce competitors. I know when we look back at favorites such as 27th, North Star, Bridgemen, Velvet Knights, Sky Ryders, Kilties, etc. We forget how competitive these corps were and I do not believe any corps really cared more about entertaining the audience than winning a show. Audience love was frosting on the cake but not the main goal.

2021 was an example of all the best drum corps has to offer, but I think it is a one and done event, not the path forward for the future. 

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10 minutes ago, greg_orangecounty said:

Keep scoring but write shows that appeal to the crowd instead of feeding the ego of the Pageantry Leaches*

(* used by permission)



So much win.....:worthy:

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We enjoyed 2021.

We rarely fought about 2021.

Members recognized audience love more than other years. 

While we all speculate about a potential return to an arms race in 2022, I can't help but think that people behind the scenes were given a glimpse of what it takes to move an audience.   

I'm hopeful for 2022.  

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i dunno, it feels like the mold has been broken a few times the last year. the problem is when one does it, everyone tries to copy it. thats not judging, thats designers too afraid to go boldly elsewhere

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