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BLUE DEVILS 2022 The Return

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4 minutes ago, FTNK said:

The Blue Devils are a professional level ensemble

Professional and classy when they win. 

Petulant and jealous when they lose. 

Congrats on winning the dance competition. 

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Congrats to Blue Devils for an amazing show and season!

From the organ-like choral sounds in the beginning, to the Carnival of Venice scene, through that laser-like mello through-line closing the first scene I was taken in immediately! Then stopping for a moment to take in that seemingly never-ending backfield reverb from your release heading into Moon River, and through the intricate and tight harmonies weaving in and out of the ballad proper you kept me enthralled. 
The incredibly-coordinated and professionally-executed dance movements that no one else can match, followed by that amazing pinwheel accompanied by the sublime pit and flamenco-like guitar work was something to behold. Add in that hot jazz, Tank, and that awesome closer and you have a show for the ages.

Guard? Stupendously talented and emotive. Couldn’t take my eyes off of the amazing things you were doing.

Percussion? Off-the-charts in difficulty, variety, and effect. Kudos for making even me take notice!

Brass? Power, subtlety and style. Does anything more need to be said? Congrats on your Ott award!

Thank you for your amazing and unique shows, year after year! I’m ready for the next show!

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Congrats BD and thank you for an amazing season!

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On 8/31/2021 at 9:20 PM, Jurassic Lancer said:

No more Shakespearean voice overs.

And please, no more rave clubs.

It was actually Yeats this year. All three corps at the top had shows with literary roots, and all had dancing. FWIW. 

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52 minutes ago, Quad Aces said:

I gotta say, Chief Guns and theonlyfizzle - you guys are class acts.  You respected my difference of opinion in show design (but embraced my compliments of BD).  Unlike the nonsense/garbage/vitriol I’m getting from others for the exact same post in the Finals thread.

I’d like to buy you guys a beer someday!

Congrats again on Number 20!  And Chief, congrats to your son - Gold had an outstanding season, and best of luck to him in his future!

Thank you. Very much appreciated!

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25 minutes ago, CFC1905 said:

You know nothing, grandpa 

I just became a grandpa 17 months ago. And it's an absolute blessing. Not sure how that is supposed to be an insult. 

Not to mention @84BDsopis part of one of the greatest horn lines in DCI history. Pretty sure he knows a little something. 

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