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BLUE DEVILS 2022 The Return

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1 hour ago, jjeffeory said:

Yeah, 1930 was over rated... lol

I never looked at folding white chairs the same again.

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3 hours ago, jjeffeory said:

...and this whole scenario is why I have a problem with the judging in the activity. That night showed it is about how well you can sell your design, not the performance on the field at any given night. ...and that turns the activity into a self perpetuating popularity contest. In order to score well, you have to design shows the prescribed way. Your marching style must conform to the prescribed way. Brass sound has to be one of a few prescribed ways. Your guard has to do specific things to win. Same with drums, but I think the percussion caption is the least influenced by this phenomenon .  It's like the movie "Strickly Ballroom (1992)". No new steps, only approved steps.

Way back before I marched, there used to be a myriad of styles and approaches to sound and visual. They have slowly died off. I'm hoping that this can change, but probably not.

Look I know Bloo got (a whoppingly low, embarrassing, cancel them) SECOND PLACE in 2014, but cmon lol… If we’re gonna say corps have to play the game to win favor, we have to admit that Bloo is playing the game — and very well! 

And you can’t say it’s not about performance when, if anything, performance can decide a championship (Crown percussion 2012) or help an iffy design sail into the top two (for example, [redacted]).

Anyway, last decade+ gave us champions by Cadets, Crown, Bloo, and multiple eras of BD. You can’t boil those all down to a certain set of unwritten rules about certain styles being favored to others, and those shows also prove that performance matters. A lot. And if you broaden that to top 3, top 5, top 7, year in and out, I personally see a lot of range, all for corps that are getting rewarded by judges.

I mean it’s wild when you think about just the last decade and a half. Through a Glass Darkly and Angels/Demons won back-to-back! It’s wild. Babylon and Ghostlight won back to back. Are Spartacus and 1930 even from the same planet? — yet they’re back-to-back winners too. Crown and Cadets notably won with minimal props at a time when most of their competition was turning the field into IKEA showrooms. And there’s no way you’re telling me E=mc^2 wouldn’t be a competitive show today. I think it would. Spartacus, too.


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5 hours ago, BlueStainGlass said:

i like it 😉

You mean this? 😉


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3 minutes ago, pbeau said:

Scott Chandler has a formula and he’s sticking to it.

yeah.  Nothing new.  Very disjointed right now but I am sure by August it will be great!

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Not a lot of demand.  They will have this cleaned very soon.  Should be an interesting year.

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