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Easier Than I Tought

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So I joined the drum and bugle corps activity in 1971, a month before I turned 11. I was a trumpet player in band. The next weekend was my first parade! We actually two parades. I was hooked! After a couple of years my parents thought it would be a good idea if I quit. I fought hard and won! I entered the Army at 18 but I still kept up with going to shows in NY when I could. Got out in 1981 and started teaching in 1982. Was on staff and did marching band and somehow was asked to do winter guard too. I went back in the Army in 1985 and went to Germany. I found a German corps and helped them become the German Champions.

Throughout the years my parents would say, "Why don't you quit that crap!" I refused.

Somewhere in summer of 2004 as I was working with this corps, I felt alone. I should say I had a great fiancee and wanted to be with her everyday! I felt alone in the drum corps activity. I didn't feel like I belonged! As I drove home after a weekend, I decided that I was done! I walked away and I was okay with it. I miss it but I wasn't in the clique so staying away was easy. I love the direction the activity is going today! I may be one of a few older guys that agree with the activity today!

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