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1 hour ago, oldbandguy said:

I think that would depend on the corps.  For some the days of instructors, admin, and volunteers being on the member busses are a thing of the past.

Family history is in cars and transportation so guessing another bus plus the equipment vehicles and vans. And thinking vans so people can go to places other than where the corps is (judges meeting, member emergency, etc)

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2 hours ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

This is a great idea lets increase costs (food, fuel, bus seats, equipment, insurance) coming out of the most challenging 2 years in the history of the activity.







It doesn't increase costs.  No additional bus.  It worked fine last year.

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Oh good. We need a few more Drum Majors to cover the end zones



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47 minutes ago, Continental said:

A parade of elephants.

A school of fish.

A pod of whales.

A murder of crows.

A plethora of Drum Majors. 

Bad News Bears remake with Billy Bob Thornton. 
“you got a ####load of rats in the basement “.

Sounded like my old man wrote that part of the script. So does ####load go with Drum Majors or props (thinking Poppycock with the latter choice).

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