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2 hours ago, DFA1970 said:

Maybe the additional 11 members are for dragging around props to put in place.

I was waiting for someone to say this! 😂

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1 hour ago, WilsonStaff said:

The logistical , housing and insurance trolls are back at it. Hard at work to come up with obstacles for 2022. 

Hopefully the corps managers are thinking of these and other issues. I see them as real life as I started with a corps trying to get back on the field and rode with some BoD my first year. Heard some $$$$ issues that I never would have dreamed of. 

Related issue wonder hope much less corps took in for 2021 with lesser number of shows and guessing lower DCI championship attendance

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8 hours ago, Cadevilina Crown said:

One key thing to note here is that the new limit is consistent with what many corps utilized during the shortened 2021 tour, so many of them had a chance to test this out before giving it the go-ahead.

and.....it helps move closer to setting a minimum requirement of members to be in World Class. it's been a topic in the room in the past. thus it could lead WC to be smaller, meaning more $$$ for the remaining corps.


i am sure the Stanbury/Varsity partnership will like this too....more gear to sell

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5 hours ago, DFA1970 said:

2050 corps will look like Ohio St marching band. I'm kinda conflicted about this. Maybe the additional 11 members are for dragging around props to put in place.

think Texas BOA

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When I first started following drum corps, a  corps could only have 128 members. I’m assuming 128 was the total in 1972. This year for the 50th anniversary, corps will have 165. Corps are allowed 37 more members now than in the early days of DCI. That’s not an astronomically high increase and it has been gradual, so I don’t think huge corps are going to be the rule. 

My thought is that a major factor in increasing size is color guard. Last summer many people were caught by surprise when they saw Boston Crusaders and the 60 member color guard that was nearly perfect in each performance. We will see larger guards next year. If the numbers did not increase, larger guard would probably be at the expense of the horn line. Keep in mind too expanded horn lines were cheered last summer, especially if there were more contras. 

I don’t think all corps will be increased next year. My thought is BD, SCV, Crown, BAC, Cavies, and Bloo will most likely have 165. Others could too but cost could be a factor. So too could be talent. We’ll see. 

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