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Is DCP dying off? I left DCP on FB because of the nastiness. Here, though, no one really responds anymore. I guess most are afraid to say anything for fear of retribution!

Hopefully no one was hurt by the above. 

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I don't know about dying off, but when I check in and, no matter what the topic, see mostly discussions between a handful of people that often get way off track from the subject and into reminiscing for pages and pages, it no longer seems like a good source of legitimate information on the activity.  

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Whatever news there is seems to get adequate coverage here. The thing is, there hasn't been all that much happening in the wonderful world of drum corps lately, for obvious reasons; this compared to a "normal" year's activity.

Besides, discussion and news are supplied here by posters themselves for the most part, rather like Wikipedia. I think some of the lethargy is driven by the screen fatigue we have all been experiencing.

With the lifting of restrictions (slowly but surely) and the ramp up to a 50th Anniversary Celebration for DCI, I suspect things will begin to heat up a bit on DCP.

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Will the rise in fuel costs be a factor this summer? Doesn't look like it will come down.

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