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Sketchbook Podcast: Wesley Sullivan (FloSports)

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Wesley Sullivan of FloSports and thus, FloMarching, sat down with me and talked about his life, his education, his marching background, and yes, FloMarching. We talked about how it started, what their goals were, and some of the trials and tribulations that came with starting up FloMarching.
While the interview did have a few softballs thrown his way, we did discuss the problems and complaints from summer 2021 & before, pricing, expectations, and the background & experiences of the producers, audio engineers, & content creators for FloMarching.
You can listen at the link below or on your favorite podcast platform.
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Very informational but I’ve given up emailing Flo support because IF they respond their go to response is the user’s internet which contradicts what he said in the podcast. I’m sure I’m not alone because this summer was the worst for sound. Past experience led me to give up contacting them. I’m pretty web savvy and I’m 98% sure the issue isn’t my service 

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