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Did anyone see the 1986 27th Lancers Stephen Sondheim Show? GREAT Frank Dorritie arrangements!

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Anyone remember this show?  I think it was ahead of its time.  Great arrangements by Frank Dorritie!

The 1986 27th Lancers played a Sondheim Suite.  A full show of Sondheim Music!  They finished 13th but I think it was ahead of its time.   

George Zingali came back that year (first time since he left after 1981) to help out with show concept and drill design.  

Someone has the video up on Youtube, check it out.

Sadly, it was the last year the Lancers would field a competitive corps.

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I completely agree. Those were beautiful arrangements and the level of musicianship was high. I have always felt that the reason they fell short that year was probably low drill GE and demand.

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Thanks for the kind words. We were all scrambling to get inside Sondheim's craft. The brass charts would have been pretty humble without Charlie Poole's percussion, Tom Lizotte's teaching skills and the visuals by Sylvester and Zingali. To be sure, that was a great group to scramble with.

The show wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but neither is Sondheim.

Here's the long-lost video:


...and if you'd like more back-story:



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Sondheim has always been more about lyrics than melody, though he's no slouch in the latter category, either.

I've often wondered what this show might have become had we been able to use mics and vocalists. In my mind's ear I keep hearing Streisand and Bernadette Peters.

(Dream on, Pal.)

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