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And the floodgates are opening

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7 hours ago, Sutasaurus said:

 If they feel they aren’t being treated properly…leave the situation immediately and seek assistance, legal, if need warrants. 

I don't post anymore but had to comment on this.

Your order is completely backwards.  Why does a person have to leave the activity they love and then MAYBE try to fix the problem leaving the offender there.  The first step is to try to get assistance from other people to remove or fix the problem, and if nothing gets done THEN you leave.

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A friend of mine was DM for Crown a few years back. I once asked him what kind of things could get you kicked out of the corps, he said sex and drugs. Hmmm, his girlfriend was also in the corps. I know I know big difference between consentual and an assault and crime. Just wondering how prevalent it is. Even for the corps with more “mature” members.

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10 hours ago, Terri Schehr said:

It really didn’t work out because the judge released the guy due to the fact that he had a pregnant wife.  But the happy ending is that my dad was teamster and the guy suddenly had two broken legs and he moved.  All’s well that ends well. 

Wow! now that's some gangster ####.btw one of my sons is a teamster so i understand

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10 hours ago, Terri Schehr said:

It really didn’t work out because the judge released the guy due to the fact that he had a pregnant wife.  But the happy ending is that my dad was teamster and the guy suddenly had two broken legs and he moved.  All’s well that ends well. 

Did he take the cannoli? :whistle:



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8 hours ago, Sutasaurus said:

Am I? To clarify…I was referring to the posters here who are calling for the demise of DCI. As for marching members, these are young college age men and women. They are old enough to know and walk away from inappropriate/ inexcusable behavior from staff (stranger danger). If they feel they aren’t being treated properly…leave the situation immediately and seek assistance, legal, if need warrants. But to ride out the season and then months afterward go public…..that’s where I question the accuser. To repeat, I don’t condone the alleged behavior but I do question the reaction here without knowing all the facts…from all sides of the story.

This just isn't true.

You should read the report about the sexual assaults by Robert Strauss at Ohio State.

He abused adult males, including football players and wrestlers.

Same with Larry Nassar.

His abuses at Michigan State weren't confined to minors.

People can get intimidated by people in positions of authority.

Who would think a D1 football player would be a victim of sexual abuse by a not 

exactly physically intimidating doctor ?

I was a D1 wrestler.

Reader's Digest condensed version:

One off season I was working with an outside trainer.

He was a former Marine Drill Instructor (at least that what he said).

Over the course of a couple of weeks, my training sessions started to go from

normal to "unusual ", including intimidation.

I could see where things were headed, so I just stopped going.

I was going to report him to the police, but I never knew his last name, and he stopped

going to the track where I trained.



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7 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

will it be dealt with? Have you rad the young lady from Spirit's timeline of events? 


Spirit of Atlanta 2021 Police Report Update
When I came forward, I wanted to be 100% transparent on the actions and inactions with Spirit of Atlanta. Today, we spoke with the Dora Police Department regarding my assaulter and we have gained more information. I wanted to share with the community so everyone is kept aware and up to speed on what is happening.
On July 25, 2021 the individual who assaulted me was removed from Dora High School and from Spirit of Atlanta, but there is no record of an arrest or report made that day. My parents called Dora Police Department and Walker County Sheriff’s Department January 9th, 2022 and we were advised there were no calls to dispatch nor was a report filed on July 25, 2021. We did not look any further, but with the continued statements by Spirit of Atlanta parents and members that Walker County Sheriff’s Department was seen at the school and they “heard” this individual was arrested, it prompted my parents to call again today, January 13th, 2022. The first call went to the detective’s division of Walker County Sheriff’s Department. Per a female detective on duty, they did receive a call but didn’t provide the date the call came in and did mention the person who called was advised to contact the Dora, Alabama Police Department.. The detective advised my parents that we need to speak with Chief Jared Hall with the Dora, Alabama Police Department. The next call we made shortly after was to the Dora Police Department, and my parents spoke with Chief Hall who stated there is a report on file and it was filed by a Spirit of Atlanta attorney October 29th, 2021. We were never made aware by Spirit of Atlanta that they had reported this. Unfortunately without a subpoena by an attorney, Chief Hall can NOT release it to us. In order to provide full transparency to the marching arts community, here’s the full administrative timeline:
8/19/21 Ethics Report sent via email
8/29/21 First email from EquitAbility Consulting
9/23/21 Update from EquitAbility Consulting which stated : “I have completed my interviews and will be submitting a summary report to DCI in the next one to two weeks. After reviewing the report, DCI or I will be in touch with you to follow up.”
10/19/21 Update from Drum Corps International : “Thank you for your inquiry about the status of this matter.
We want to assure you that DCI and Spirit of Atlanta leadership are carefully reviewing the investigation report prepared by the investigator in this matter. I expect that the review will take several weeks.
When the reviews by DCI and Spirit are concluded, we will provide you with information regarding the findings and outcomes.
Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention and for your patience as we address the important issues that were raised in your complaint.”
10/29/21- Spirit of Atlanta’s attorney filed the police report
12/7/21- Zoom meeting with Spirit of Atlanta
12/8/21- Zoom meeting with Drum Corps International
12/9/21- Email sent to Spirit of Atlanta requesting a copy of all recommendations and police reports.
1/9/22 - Statement of my Spirit of Atlanta 2021 Experience released
1/9/22 - Statement released by Spirit of Atlanta and Drum Corps International
I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as more information comes to the surface. I want to make some major points very clear. The Dora, Alabama Police were NOT involved when the assault was happening, nor through any part of the summer. The Police did NOT remove my assaulter from the premises. The Dora, Alabama Police were not even contacted until 3 months later. The Mandatory Reporters on Spirit of Atlanta staff team failed to follow policy, guidelines, and the law. They took no action when I was being assaulted. “According to Alabama Law, any person who knows or has reasonable cause to believe or suspect that a child has been abused or neglected or who observes any child being subjected to conditions or circumstances that would reasonably result in abuse shall be required to report orally, either by telephone or direct communication immediately, followed by a written report, to DHR, law enforcement, or the District Attorney. Mandatory reporters are: Employees of hospitals/clinics/sanitariums Doctors/physicians/surgeons Medical examiners/coroners Dentists Osteopaths Optometrists, chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists, nurses Public and private K-12 employees School teachers and officials Peace officers/law enforcement officials, pharmacists Social Workers and mental health professionals Child care workers or employees Employees of public and private institution” - Alabama Department of Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention (https://ctf.alabama.gov/.../Mandatory-Reporting-Brochure...) . They knew this member was dangerous from previous seasons and still allowed him back. They waited 96 days to go to any kind of law enforcement. It’s still just as unacceptable. It should NEVER take that long to do the right thing. I truly question, if it weren’t for the recommendation made, would they have even filed a report to begin with? I appreciate the community's diligence and hard work on accountability. We are truly making an impact. Thank you again for your patience and keep fighting. #DoBetterSOA
Lots of love,
McKenzee Grace
not much urgency there.

This timeline to me is the bigger issue for SOA.  There are conflicting or clarification post on the inter webs from other members about the events that unfolded at "Rookie Talent  Night".  

But it still shouldn't have happened & the RTN event should be shut down.  From my limited law classes, this timeline & the way it was handled will probably lead to civil litigation.    

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7 hours ago, Jeff Ream said:

trust me, the only money spent so far was Allentown tickets. I may sell them. but in your apologist posting, you miss the actual point.....probation is lip service. Fine the #### out of a corps that screws up. Withhold tour revenue. Lord knows DCI could afford to have some cash in the corporate reserves, because someday, a lawyers gonna come knocking, and it'll cost a lot more than settling with Tresona did.

Up until 2020, I used to spend about $5k annually on drum corps between donations and shows.  Now, nothing.  Not even a subscription to flomarching. 

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