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Four years ago today the Drum Corps world exploded

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2 hours ago, scheherazadesghost said:

Just want to validate and amplify.

I just don't if housing Ms. Zorn's position under DCI is the way I'd go, and am hoping this is just the first step of many. I know SafeSport is supposedly unaffiliated (financially and structurally) with the activities/orgs that employ their methods and yet STILL they're facing numerous accusations of not working and conflicting interests. I'm glad for SafeSport's existence AND I'm critical of their application to DCI.

To amplify the gymnasts who were abused by Nassar, and who later testified before Congress regarding SafeSport:

Not centering the victims and survivors of mistreatment is a mistake. Period. If DCI doesn't center us, they're going to keep chasing their tales about this, applying solutions without listening to the ACTUAL mistreatment that some of us ACTUALLY experienced.

It depends who Ms Zorn's boss is.  If she reports to the DCI CEO or the board, then there could be a conflict of interest. 

If she reports to SafeSport, that is less of a conflict of interest.

I'm not sure we've been given enough information at this point to know.



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22 hours ago, JimF-LowBari said:

Two questions:

1) I lost track, was DCI working with Safe Sport before? I only remember the other group whose name escapes me.

2) Will provide training…. who all will get trained. HUGE question if DCI doesn’t want to go half vast (say it fast) on this.

Just reread the statement from a link on FB. Now I see (did I miss it or wasn’t it there before?) members will be trained too. 

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23 minutes ago, scheherazadesghost said:

Huzzah! This is excellent news. This will help break the cycle.

Want to hear what training will cover but this is the first time I’ve read straight out that the members will be trained. Trained as opposed to “they will be given information” I’ve seen before.

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17 minutes ago, scheherazadesghost said:

Yes. Even the most basic information and discussion on these topics is better than none. As proven earlier in the thread, if marching members move into education later, they will need to know this information.

I was thinking training on what danger signs to look out for. To protect both themselves and people they are around. Also what information is needed if they wish to report a possible incident (again for themself or someone else). And who to contact and what to do if they don’t feel it is being taken seriously.

I was a civilian in Dept of Defense and some of my training was same as the military received. So huge “you have to watch out for each other” vibe.

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12 hours ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

It seems to me that it would be useful if Ms Zorn (the new DCI Participant Safety Manager) would have some sort of discussion on DCP with those of us who have specific questions and/or concerns.

We could ask questions like:

'If a still-active DCI HOF caption-head instructor is found to be acting inappropriately, do you have the authority to remove the instructor, even if the Corps protests?' (note - I do not have any individual in mind, I am just trying to indicate the 'offender' is someone high-up in a Corps)

'If a marching member who is the star soloist for a Corps in contention for winning a championship misbehaves the morning of finals day, do you have the authority to pull him from the finals night performance?'

'If leadership of a Corps refuses to cooperate with an investigation by your office, do you have the authority to remove the Corps from the tour?'

I'm sure we could come up with other questions.

The point is that unless DCI empowers Ms Zorn by backing her up when making disciplinary decisions, then it is just more smoke, mirrors, & obfuscation on DCI's part.


as we have all seen time and time again, the people at DCI..office and corps...could give a #### about DCP. that is unless they give me tidbits to post or reach out to me to find out who a poster bashing their corps is

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