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40 minutes ago, GUARDLING said:

I dont comment alot on personal likes or dislikes BUT this is one of the finest Cadet guards in a very very long time. And IMO some of the best writing they have had...... Congrats

I agree with you! They were shorted 1 spot, if not 2 by someone who was an outlier - he who happens to be a former Cadet.

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I was going to give it a few days but here goes it - this post will certainly ruffle a few feathers - I’d like to think I say what other people are thinking.

As an alumni, I am proud of the organization this year! They look, sound and without question, move like Cadets. So what’s wrong?

Time for immediate staff changes, starting with the guard. I will say this as delicately possible - FIRE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM 🤷🏻‍♂️ Go and POACH a proven, and successful, team that will in return, deliver talent that follows. If this does not happen, I will personally end continued financial support and donations. This is a demand from so many of us in order to be able to compete with the rest of the pack.

As for the visual staff, my opinion doesn’t differ too far from the above - time to take some major risks backed by talent.

Bilby with drill? An essential keep and must have - he is magnificent!!

Brass - keep the Avon door open because they were great and judges were afraid to reward.

It’s time to start the shuffle. It’s all about recruitment and talent at this point if you want to remain competitive. 

Denise is smart and a corporate executive by trade - she just needs to make the right strategic chess moves she has been wanting to make for so long. Time for the Queen’s Gambit. 

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39 minutes ago, corps8294 said:

No, you can't have the Blue Stars guard staff. 😃

Lol there is no way Michael Shapiro is leaving Blue Stars. He is a very loyal person.  

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