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How Many....

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1 hour ago, Boss Anova said:

... or the 1960's..

But far more than the 1860's............

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5 hours ago, cixelsyd said:

20 world class, 14 open class, 34 total.  Is that "enough" to justify the events scheduled?

why wouldn't it?


the world has changed, and IMO...quality isn't always better than quantity. Yes more corps would be great, but it's a different world now. There's a zillion reasons as to why everything is where it is, and sitting here trying to compare todays world to what drum corps was 60 years ago is about as useless as me calling our CEO and telling him I deserve a 6 figure raise. Well, i'd get fired, but you'd have to be a true ######## to get banned from here I guess.

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5 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

why wouldn't it?

Honestly, I was wondering whether anyone would say "no".

(And technically, if they do like other 14-OC years and let all 14 into finals, you could question whether the Monday contest is really "prelims", or just the second-to-last show.)

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