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The Blue Stars Present....

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11 hours ago, BlueStainGlass said:

It is defeatist to see groups barely moving and playing getting scored higher in VA and VP as well as some of the music captions. Crown is getting hurt by it as well because they are running around the field playing way more than others. I really want to see them follow the Bluecoats of 2008 being a 6th place group and slowly knocking down the door to the top. All done in house and pushing the group to greater places. 

I dunno… To my eyes, Blue Stars this year is definitely more on the “varied, modern approaches to movement” end of the spectrum than the “hardcore moving + playing / traditional” end of the spectrum. I think their movement approach this year has a lot more in common with Blue Devils than, say, Phantom. And I think their show is really good proof that the varied approach is extremely hard! It’s impressive that they’re doing so wonderfully with it! Their scores are keeping them apace with some of the big dogs out there. I don’t see how we can say it’s not being rewarded. 

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Oh that's a nice featurette on the show!   Yeah, I caught on early it's not a story of war starting and resolving to peace.  Or some characters journey from war to peace.   It's a set of snapshots of the simultaneous nature of war and peace and the absurdity of a world that holds both together.   It's very in keeping with the Tolstoy. 

It's a really well crafted show.

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I believe there is a battle beginning to brew between Blue Stars and Cadets, just like the last time there was competition/scoring in drum corps.  Blue Stars came out on top then, will be interesting to see where things end up this time around. Will be fun to see if there are any ending or other additions to create a final push of excitement.  History indicates there will be.  Good luck to all. FCO!


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9 hours ago, brians said:

 any ending or other additions to create a final push of excitement.  History indicates there will be.  


Just as long as it's not another d**n soft ending. The Blue Stars need to get the crowd on their feet and keep them there with a strong and powerful finish. Soft endings have only given the corps mild applause over the years. This needs to be different. 

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