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July 2nd - Drums Across the Desert ... Tempe, Arizona

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“Drums Across the Desert” … Sun Devil Stadium – Tempe, ARIZONA
Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 … 7:35 PM MST  ...

... "projected" Temp. at 7 PM ... 1020F ... Heat Index ... 990F...

“Sun Devil Stadium – Frank Kush Field at Arizona State”

Home of the Arizona State Sun Devils
500 E Veterans Way
Tempe, Arizona 85287

Tel No. (480) 965 - 3482





Saturday, July 2nd … [2022] …
Competition START:
10:35 PM ... Eastern Daylight Time ... [New York ... Atlanta]
…  9:35 PM ...  Central Daylight Time ... [Chicago ... Houston]
…  8:35 PM ...  Mountain Daylight Time ... [Denver]
…  7:35 PM ...  Mountain Standard Time / Pacific Daylight Time ... [Tempe, AZ … LA]
SCORES Announced:
12:55 AM ...  Eastern Daylight Time ... [New York ... Atlanta]
11:55 PM ...  Central Daylight Time ... [Chicago ... Houston]
10:55 PM ...  Mountain Daylight Time ... [Denver]
…   9:55 PM ...  Mountain Standard Time / Pacific Daylight Time ... [Tempe, AZ … LA]
United States Time Zone Map



NOTE (1):
Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time (link is external). Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings, with the exception of the Navajo Nation. Arizona previously observed Daylight Savings beginning in 1918, but made the permanent change to Standard time in 1968.
Time zones in the United States developed in the mid-nineteenth century to accommodate railroad schedules, which required standardizing time across the nation. Before the adoption of time zones, local communities each observed their own time schedules.

SOURCE: Katie Hobbs, Secretary of State – State of Arizona

Note (2): … Using your cellphone … you can add a “CLOCK app”.  Then add/input your local time + Phoenix, AZ … etc.
Cost of a Clock app is minimal ... maybe a few dollars ... Some cellphones come with a clock app.


Line Up:
All times MST  and … subject to change
7:35 PM … Welcome & National Anthem

7:40 PM … USCG Auxiliary Arizona Band
7:50 PM … The Academy Summer Youth Guard
8:00 PM … Pacific Crest – Diamond Bar, CA
8:18 PM … Blue Knights – Denver, CO
8:35 PM … Intermission
8:55 PM … Blue Devils … Concord, CA
9:13 PM … Santa Clara Vanguard – Santa Clara, CA
9:31 PM … The Academy – Tempe, AZ
9:45 PM … Encore – The Academy – Tempe, AZ
9:55 PM … Scores Announced


Recent Score “Full RECAPs”:
… 7/1-2022 … DCI Central Indiana

… 6/28-2022 … DCI Tour Premiere

… 6/26-2022 … “Western Corps Connection – San Bernardino, California


Tempe, AZ Weather Conditions | Weather Underground (wunderground.com)


Distance traveled:

San Bernardino
, CA - - -> Tempe, AZ
… 331 Miles …  4 Hours 46 Minutes

Nearest Airport:
Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport - Official Site
7 Miles from Tempe, AZ

Gas Prices … Regular … Diesel … Tempe, AZ

Circle K - 1802 E University Dr - Tempe, AZ - GasBuddy.com
Regular … $   Cash … $ 5.24 Credit … Circle K
Circle K - 1802 E University Dr - Tempe, AZ - GasBuddy.com
Diesel …   $   Cash … $ 5.84 Credit … Circle K

1st Competition [ 2022 Season ] …
         … Blue Knights …
 It has been almost one [1] week since most of the Corps were in Competition.  I will be curious as to what changes have been made / layers added. 


5th of 10 Competitions during the 4th of July extended time frame … Friday, July 1st - - -> Wednesday, July 6th
  “Good Luck” to All CORPS
[ Members & Staff ] …

Edited by NebraskaGBR
DCI Central Indiana RECAP added ... Weather caution added
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Time zones: you can add multiple "World  Clock" zones in the standard iPhone clock app. I used to have Salt Lake City in there when I did remote work (from East Coast) for a s/w group out there. 

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Heading to Tempe tonight to get me some Drum Corps...Great lineup...Hot weather...all the makings of a good show!



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Getting ready to head to the show. Was at San Bernardino and this might be my last live show. 

Excited to see the debut of Blue Knights.

Looking forward to see the additions to BD's show and see how SCV ends their show tonight. 



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I remember the 2007 show which was also at SunDevil Stadium was interrupted by a monsoon thunderstorm.  Lightning was close enough that the corps that was playing had to leave the field.  After a long delay, the remaining groups just did their shows in stand still, if I remember correctly.

No rain tonight , though 🤞

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