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Thursday, July 21 “DCI Denton” …. Apogee Stadium at the University of North Texas Denton, TEXAS … Thursday, July 21… 7:50 PM CT

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3 minutes ago, Dpsouthern81 said:

I remember in Indy last year Crocker did something like that and Mike Scott was livid 

I love Brandt Crocker as much as any other drum corps fan, but I hope he doesn't do Indy this year. At the DCI West show, he stumbled thru every introduction and butchered half of the drum major names that night. I think he's starting to show his age.

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2 minutes ago, Cappybara said:

Bloo had one identity from 2014-2017 (maybe a bit of 2013 too) which I absolutely adored. They then switched it up in 2018 to the design style they have right now which isn’t my cup of tea at all. Fingers crossed they change things up again next year 

Yes agreed. The sort of techo vibe should have been explored more before we started channeling the 60s and 70s lol. I thought session was an extremely effective show and deserved 3rd, but the beatles show was kind of like this, more staging and aesthetic and less about drill. Well, less drill 😛

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5 minutes ago, Lance said:

hope bluecoats design staff just keep doing what they're doing.  they've consistently been my favorite corps that does risky things with a&e without sacrificing the things I happen to love about more classic drum corps.  no matter what, their design choices are intriguing to me.  

Agreed. It’s the fact that they keep pushing that makes me love them, as opposed to other corps *cough cough* who keep flooding the judges with the same content 

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2 minutes ago, lawdn said:

Musically, for me, this harks back more to 2014-2017. Visually, they have gotten increasingly sophisticated, but if it doesn’t hit you right it eould not be enjoyable. 

This show is not nearly as melodic as any of those shows. In terms of the mood it’s creating, I think I agree with you 

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4 minutes ago, rchitectburd23BD01 said:

it's about drive me crazy. I can't only take so much of it. lol

That’s exactly what the original ‘Nautilus’ is trying to make you feel, IMO — it’s like you’re experiencing a bad trip. (Doesn’t mean you have to like Bloo’s version, obviously) 

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Waiting for scores and watching a white piece of paper blow around on the field.  It's the little things, folks.

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