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Tuesday, August 2nd “DCI Annapolis” Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Annapolis, MARYLAND

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why does “their SPECKS disPERSing” give me joy 

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6 minutes ago, 2000Cadet said:

I should be at this show. But I had an ed!ble and cannot drive. So, flomarching it is. 

I’m typically at this one too. But my immunocompromised self is crowd adverse still.  I could probably handle some of those gaps in the blast zone though. They’ll probably fill by the end though.

Hopefully next year 

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2 minutes ago, tedrick said:

Funky St. Louis Blues just does not give me a 50's jazz club bebop vibe - neither does Sing Sing Sing -- 

Only part of the show I wish they would have reconsidered...

I was just thinking that myself .... don't think of those as "beat" jazz ..... more Brubek....


But I do want to hear the narrator say "de East of my YUTE....."

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I like how the props segment off the entire backfield/left section of the show

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