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Wednesday, August 3rd “Soaring Sounds” Centerville High School Stadium Centerville, OHIO

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“Soaring Sounds”Centerville High School Stadium     Centerville, OHIO     Wednesday, August 3rd ..8:00 PMET

Today: Sunny to partly cloudy. High 93F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. 
This evening:  Partly cloudy this evening with more clouds for overnight. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. Low 73F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.
“Projected” weather    
                8:00 PM ET   Partly Cloudy   87F Temp   93F Heat index    8% chance of rain     .0 in    57% humidity   7 MPH .SW
                                             Wednesday, August 3rd   7:30 AM ET …  ALT  FORECAST        RADAR



Centerville High School Stadium           LOCATION/MAP
500 E. Franklin Avenue
Centerville, Ohio  45459


Wednesday, August 3
Competition START:
  8:00 PM ...  EASTERN                 New York             
Centerville, OHIO               Atlanta
…  7:00 PM ...  Central…                  Chicago …..          Houston
  6:00 PM ...  Mountain ...             Denver
  5:00 PM ...  Pacific ...                  LA
SCORES Announced:
11:04 PM ... EASTERN..               New York              
Centerville, OHIO               Atlanta
10:04 PM ... Central ..                  Chicago            Houston
  9:04 PM ... Mountain ...             Denver
  8:04 PM ... Pacific ...                  LA

United States Time Zone Map

All times ET  and subject to change
  8:00 PM … Welcome & National Anthem
  8:10 PM … Cincinnati Tradition – Cincinnati, OH
  8:27 PM … Spartans – Nashua, NH           
  8:44 PM … Music City – Nashville, TN          
  9:01 PM … … Intermission …          
  9:31 PM Madison Scouts – Madison, WI
  9:48 PM … The Cavaliers – Rosemont, IL
10:05 PM … Mandarins – Sacramento, CA             
10:22 PM … Blue Stars – La Crosse, WI
10:39 PM … Encore by The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL
11:04 PM … Scores Announced              




THIS EVENING ... Wednesday, August 3rd         8:00 PM                 Soaring Sounds                                Centerville, OH
Friday, August 5th                                              7:00 PM                  DCI Eastern Classic                            Allentown, PA
Saturday, August 6th                                           6:30 PM                 DCI Eastern Classic                            Allentown, PA      


8/2    DCI Annapolis                                                     Annapolis, MD                   Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
8/2    Summer Music Games of SE Virginia                   Salem, VA                          Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
8/2    Drums Across the Smokies                                 Sevierville, TN                      Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
8/2    Spartan Thunder                                                 Lima, OH                            Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox

8/1    DCI Huntington                                                   Huntington, WV                    Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
8/1    DCI Sun Prairie                                                   Sun Prairie, WI                    Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
7/31  NightBEAT                                                          Winston-Salem, NC            Courtesy of DCI                    Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
7/30  DCI Southeastern Championship                           Atlanta, GA                        Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
7/30  Legends Drum Corps Invitational                           White Lake, MI                   Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
7/30  DCI Central Illinois                                              Normal, IL                           Courtesy of DCI                   Courtesy of  “From the Pressbox
7/29  The Masters of the Summer Music Games            Murfreesboro, TN                Courtesy of
DCI                   Courtesy of  From the Pressbox
7/29  DCI Birmingham                                                  Trussville, AL   …                 …“Rain out”…
7/23  DCI San Antonio                                                 San Antonio, TX                  Courtesy of DCI                 Courtesy of  From the Pressbox




Worksheet # 1  … a place to write down Scores & your predictions

Worksheet # 2 … RECAP … “condensed” … The idea is courtesy of  “
From the Pressbox





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