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Pitch me your DCI show concepts.

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12 minutes ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

Uranium ore is also called ‘Pitchblende’ (seriously).   So, there’s the title.  What songs do we use?

No way, the Bluecoats are so popular the scientists gave em a shout out in their periodic table:sarcasm:

(i feel obligated to put that emoticon on most of my posts now.."

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On 8/13/2022 at 1:56 AM, 2muchcoffeeman said:

Troopers: The Wind

Why it works:

  • wind is what powers the brass. Lots of connections between wind and the actual music -- from the selection of the composers and charts to the effects of the wind moving through the horns
  • plenty of visual connections: equipment tosses that are "blown" down the line to the next member in the line; the visual of wind effects coming out of the brass; all kinds of member & equipment movement to indicate the presence of wind
  • Variety, from gentle breezes to category 5 storms
  • Wind is about the most Wyoming thing there is. It's a constant feature of Wyoming life. It's connected to the true Big Sky (sorry, Montana)
  • opportunities for humor; see visual connections, above

Why it doesn't work:

  • because I am not a show designer and I have no idea what I'm talking about

They call the wind Mariah

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On 8/18/2022 at 10:50 AM, KVG_DC said:

Wyoming has a number of other notable things they could theme around too though.  

A tribute to the wonders of Yellowstone National Park would probably resonate.  

Wyoming was also the first state to grant women voting rights.

The Johnson County War would be quite a tale to put on too.

The Hole In The Wall gang (including Butch Cassidy) would be something to go "Dark Troopers" with as well.

The bad news about Troopers programming is that it can too easily fall into '50s-era F Troopesque or Classic Western typecasting. The fact that they took the drum-corps world by storm in that era, and on that kind of programming, has, a couple generations later, become baggage the corps can't quite shake, and sometimes can't decide if it wants to. The post-2007 era has been a wilderness walk of sorts, trying to figure it out. In 2022 they clearly figured it out. Swagger sells -- to performers, and to the crowd. Especially when it wears bad-### hats like that.

The good news is that swagger can come in all sorts of packages, and can easily be dressed up in Western clothing, even if there's nothing inherently Western about the programming idea. "Voracious" wasn't about oil; it was about how greed corrupts -- a tragedy. Oil was simply the (handy Wyoming) prop, and tragedy lends itself to dark, moody programming. You can dress up a greed show in pirate outfits and scatter dubloons all over the field, too, and it might work for some other corps. Troop was wise enough to know greed wears different garb in Wyoming.

Similarly, Crown's "Relentless" wasn't about the West. To the degree it was "about" anything, it was about revenge -- and it wasn't even really all that committed to the idea. The show had only the wispiest elements of a storytelling plot, enough to provide a backbone for the musical scoring, which included "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," "Ecstasy of Gold," and other foreboding music. Trying to carry that mood off on a field festooned with balloons and performers in dancing-bear costumes would not have worked. But revenge has always been prominent theme of Westerns, so dressing up "Relentless" in Western garb was an efficient way to get the point across -- and getting the point across moves the GE and MA needles.

So, going forward, I don't think Troop needs to find quintessentially "Wyoming" expressions to their programs. Greed is hardly a Wyoming-only phenomenon. Neither is wind, for that matter, though Wyoming has plenty of experience with it. 

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No concept, just a song I've been listening to again.  I could totally see this wrapped in to a Bluecoats rep.



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On 8/15/2022 at 1:52 PM, KVG_DC said:

I want someone to take on Sunday in the Park with George again.  Seeing the history reel for Colts when they did that made me think of it.

No one has done The Frogs

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Just now, 84BDsop said:

Like this?


Not cool man, you just leaked the entirety of Crown's planned sequel to E=MC2. FloMarching gonna be mad:lol:

  • Haha 1
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