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General Effect.... Disagreement?

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1 hour ago, jjeffeory said:

I always wondered if there's a judges meeting after each show today.

I have no idea.

i believe in DCI critique ends 8/1. anyone working this week, except for maybe some of the OC corps in prelims, are not having first reads. of course weather could have screwed that up as this year it seemed to rain more than most seasons 

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12 hours ago, MikeN said:

I disagree so hard with this.  


and thats your choice. if the design isn't performed in an engaging way per the criteria on the sheets it won't get the credit. i have judged enough effect indoor and outdoor and have studied tons of tapes and asked questions of several of the best in the game......if it meets the criteria on content, reward it. if it meets the criteria on achievement, reward it. 

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45 minutes ago, JohnDF said:

I'm super glad we got Chris Hestin out of the way on the first night... He doesn't really see things the same way the other judges do.

well i predict a 20 at semis on one effect sheet

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