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What are your funny drum corps stories?

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I don't know if you guys are aware, but I have a YouTube channel (of the same name) where among other fandoms I'm in, I post drum corps stuff and memes too. Anyways I wanted to do a video where I read out some of the funniest stories shared on DCP, and thought I should make a thread for it. Rest assured, I won't put usernames or profiles in the video, just reading the stories (and laughing, obviously). You can post as many as you want, I'd love to make it a whole series of videos! You don't have to share any names or corps involved if you don't feel comfortable. It can be anything related to drum corps, whether you were marching, spectating, or anything else! 

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Here's the standout one for me:

 At Rose Bowl this year, we had basically your average DCI announcer. He does the "Drum Corps International is proud to present", the safety warnings, intermission, bla bla bla. So anyways this one corps is ready to go (I can't remember who it was) and the drum major does a really fancy salute and the crowd goes wild. We hear some feedback from the mic and then "Wow. That was cool." And then repeats his "proud to present" intro. Whole audience is collectively dying of laughter.

I've got some legendary HS marching band stories too if anyone's interested.

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