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Thursday, August 11th “DCI World Championship PRELIMS” Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, INDIANA

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3 minutes ago, 2000Cadet said:

I cannot contain my excitement for them. I can't wait to see what next year brings. 

Me either! Go Cadets.

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2 minutes ago, MidWAmericanArts said:

You know you’re biased when you complain about someone scoring BD ahead in GE like every other qualified judge has throughout the season, but stay silent on Bluecoats winning visual proficiency 🤨

I’m beginning to wonder if people aren’t upset with judging and are just upset that Blue Devils are winning. I wonder…

Pretty much the ladder for the same "rinse and repeat" or "does the same thing every year" reasons. 

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Was super disappointed when I did the "PHAAAAANTOM REGIMENT" and no one else in the theater did. I was also the only one that Bloo'd 😐

also we got fricking rickrolled by crown lesssss go

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2 minutes ago, henry7184 said:

LOL. We've really reached a point where we think finishing 2nd in VP Content and guard a weakness. Lord, help us all.

I’m just glad to see BD has made nice with Music Analysis judges for once lol. Some rough years there…..

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