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Thursday, August 11th “DCI World Championship PRELIMS” Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, INDIANA

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25 minutes ago, scheherazadesghost said:

It used to be a steady stream when I marched, as designed. Or at least, that's how I perceived it.

I'm told sometime after that the out-of-towners/others took over and some SCVC alum really lament it. After aging out, it seems like my gen and later were so full of out-of-towners/others that there's very few of us directly involved anymore. It's the SCVC alum that are taking up the mantel, thank goodness.

I learned so much from the cats that came from SCVC when I marched. I'm also told many talented folks from SCVC go one to march other top 10 corps.

All anecdotes and hearsay though. 🙃

For a very long time, for percussion the number was close to zero. 

The Rennicks have their own feeder programs through UNT, and tend to prefer those students over the local SCVC students. 

Now it's been 5 years or so since I've been involved with the corps, so it may have changed, but that has been a major issue for years (even pre-Rennicks, but they definitely increased the problem). 

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Ok. for the first time today, I'm getting the "experiencing technical issues"  banner.

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Best run of the year for PC!  Congrats, you pushed thru it.   This is what drum corps is really about for these kids.

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You know, Pacific Crest still has some (distant, and occasional) shades of Finalist-worthy skill and design moments. Yes, they've clearly taken a huge hit in the last three years, but I'm not ready to call their 2019 success an aberration just yet. It will take a while to build back up there, but they're not going away quietly.

This actually shaped up to be a pretty nice show - love the unsettled vibe to it all. It makes sense in ways it didn't for much of the season. It's grown on me. Judos to this corps for pushing through a rough season!! I'm liking what I'm seeing.

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