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Do you ever reference drum corps in other places?

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🙋‍♀️ *insert Wicked Games music here* WE FIND HER GUILTY!

I'm the type of person to get really obsessed with and nerd out over certain topics, so yeah that's me. It ranges from tapping out a drum break that's been stuck in my head all day to convincing someone that it's ok that they knocked something over, the Cavies kicked over some cones back in 2018 and they turned out alright.

Also sometimes I'm making gaming videos and I see a character that has a similar appearance to a uniform or shares a name with a title of a show, and then I make what I think is a hilarious joke, then remember that the overlap between the fanbase of whatever game I'm playing and the DCI fandom is probably like a 1%, and I have to quickly explain the joke ASAP so people don't think I'm speaking gibberish. Doesn't stop me from humming TILT when a certain blue-coated character comes on screen. 

So yeah, I confess, I'm a bit of an obsessive fangirl. How about you guys?

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