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Just one of a million reasons I love Finals Weekend

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Interacting with my friends, fellow DC alums, and even complete strangers has always been one of the many things I love about this communal weekend.  

I just had an amazing conversation with the parents of a Blue Devils mellophone member that started in the elevator and we just stepped out and kept talking about all things corps for almost 30 mins.  I love having spontaneous, energized conversations with strangers here that are always so instantly warm and friendly - about something I love so much.  

Im so blessed to be here, now every year since went in 1989 the year before I marched.  While the activity changes in ways that I’m not always crazy about, the kids, the passion, the performances, the fans and my “drum corps family” of close friends make this my favorite weekend of the year.  

Sometimes we ALL need to take a step back and think about all the things we love and are grateful for about this activity.  And then cherish and support it so that it never goes away.  


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