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An intense frustration.

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7 hours ago, Drum Corps Is Now a Bust said:

But if making money is the goal, then be "for profit." I disagree with the underlying philosophy that success equates with making and spending more money. DCI has embraced the success equals money falsehood. "Spend money on this type of equipment and may have more success." "Have this person(s) design your show and you may be more competitive than you are now." "Try to hire this type of instructor and your scores may rise."  This philosophy creates the law of diminishing returns after a while. It certainly does in personal life.  

My point is that drum corps should have to spend the money they do for the chance to be successful. They have to because of the culture DCI has created.

You clearly don’t understand what for non profit status is about. 

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6 hours ago, Terri Schehr said:

This is whole deal is about money.  Look at the back wall in the stadium tonight.  That is what this is all about. 

And so much of that back wall is barter. You fly our flag we’ll fly yours. If it was really about money the ESPN gig would have not been so expensive 

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6 hours ago, CFC1905 said:

I think people are getting too wrapped up with “innovation.”  No one is talking about demand. It’s no secret BD shows have never been in the upper echelon of musical and physical demand. It was a running joke in the 2000’s that every time BD wanted to play music they would stop marching. 

that being said, demand across the activity has dropped as a whole. Props taking up field space for drill, prancing instead of marching, etc. thanks Bluecoats. 

Actually they are demanding. It’s just BD shows you they can do it once and move on to something else. Everyone else still has a run and gun only mentality as to what demand is. 

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4 hours ago, jwillis35 said:

Very true. I think from 2014 to now things have been better. I think I sometimes miss some of the late late night chatter that some are referring to, and frankly people shouldn't give those trolls any attention. 

Yes 14 changed things…. As well as some departures by posters, their choice or forced on them. In 14 the supposed hates BD crowd in Allentown was on their feet before the show was over. That was the year the sheets changed and Cesario was the artistic czar. And BD, with changes made to the system many thought would fix them…. Set a record score that still stands.


thst whole organization knows how to be best in class in every phase. 

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1 hour ago, MikeRapp said:

How about this one: Compete.

If you want a band exposition then don’t score the shows.

We did that last year and many of the shows were better IMHO.

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11 minutes ago, Drum Corps Is Now a Bust said:

You clearly don't know enough about me to make this statement and simply don't understand the philosophical context of my discussion with Mr. Rapp.

And I don't think YOU know enough about Jeff....he's spot on here.

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