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Saturday, August 13th 5:30 PM ET “DCI World Championship Finals” Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, Indiana

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1 minute ago, 2000Cadet said:

I want to hang it on my wall. 

I want to shrink it and roll it around on my desk during meetings


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2 minutes ago, frachel said:

Is the Crown soloist the hole? (looked like a boot on his foot)?


1 minute ago, KVG_DC said:


You were gods.  I stood up yelling so many times. 

We felt like Gods. You guys in the crowd had us in tears. 

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Just now, chasgroh said:

Kevin, just say what you feel!  LOL…


Well, then…


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How Crown's show or Boston's doesn't win this thing tonight is beyond me. I'll admit that I love the occasional conspiracy...and so it should come as no surprise that I believe "something's up" with BD winning and winning by such a wide margin. 

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16 minutes ago, CAtenhut said:

It's really too bad SCV couldn't tighten this show up this season. But that ending set is the best visual of 2022.

Seriously…there’s some almost Zingali-esque moments in there. 

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