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Staff Merry-go-round

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4 hours ago, Metalbinky said:

Pacific Crest changes.  Glen Crosby resigned as Program Coordinator and Director of Percussion.  Nicole Casino resigned as percussion co-caption head (replaced by David Ramirez filling in as acting co-caption head in July.

The corps is searching for replacement for Program Coordinator to be filled by end of August, then searching for new percussion caption head.

Finally the actual topic

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9 hours ago, GREENBLUE said:

How much money can we really be talking about? And is that money really worth it? We’re talking 90+ years of history/tradition. 

dude, that ship HAS SAILED

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7 hours ago, 84BDsop said:

How bad was your ulcer after seeing '17 Bloo??   That #### ramp scared me all season, especially after that snare slipped in the first show run.

I was terrified until the last tuba safely made it down at finals...and since they weren't winning, that meant no encore run to take another chance on.

my concern is when i see large platform type scenery wiggle.  that's what bothers me.  hence painter scaffold, and many other types which are designed for only certain types of motion on them, are made of cast parts, which can be problematic when torqued. 


there's another thread on props. also feel free to pm me or drop me an email since this thread is about staff staffing other staffs

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1 hour ago, BlueStainGlass said:

Can you guys like make a gender topic and keep it over there and leave this for staff?

atleast 18 of the 22 pages of this topic has nothing to do with staff changes. This thread is stupid 

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