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6 hours ago, BlueStainGlass said:

Guard should have happened last year after abuse. Atleast the survivor has closure now that it won't happen again. 


6 hours ago, lifeisaround said:


Jacob Taylor (per facebook has left) with the rest of the visual team 



Stephanie Chavez



Sheldon Apo


Has also left with the rest of their team

Idk where you see that anyone other than Jacob is out 

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2 hours ago, MikeN said:

Forgive me, as this is a years old story, but I once had a chance during Finals week to pick the brain of the analytics company DCI used. One of the tidbits they told me at the time was the corps with the highest average age won every single year they'd tracked it.  I'm sure it's probably varied a bit since then, but it's still food for thought/discussion.


So Hawthorn Muchachos perhaps did win prelims in 1975?   

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6 hours ago, craiga said:

I think this is an interesting question.  The bulk of the hornline in Boston this year were from Texas, particularly from three universities there, as well as some national championship high school bands.   In New England, the average high school marching band has around 50 total members, and there is literally only one serious college marching band around here....UMASS.   At the end of the day,  you have to go where the members are.   I think you're going to continue to see a large amount of Texas kids in BAC for the foreseeable future.  As a life long New Englander, I have no problem with this.  The Texas kids are great!  They are incredibly talented players, are not fazed by Texas heat on tour, and are amazingly polite.  As a group, they are incredible...even though they insist on putting hot sauce on their eggs at breakfast!

Hot sauce = silver medal. Carolina Reaper salsa for BAC’s eggs in 2023?

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