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Pacific Crest is looking for a colorguard caption manager.   I'm not sure what that means for Gabe Escobedo, Visual Coordinator and Colorguard Caption manager for PC's 2022 season.   PC has also recently announced that they would be replacing the program coordinator (Glen Crosby), and battery percussion caption (Nicole Casino)

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I love that the internet is as old as it is and people still argue about the definitions of words while not really arguing the post itself. Classic online "discourse".


Big leadership changes at PR ... accurate. 


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50 minutes ago, mingusmonk said:

I love that the internet is as old as it is and people still argue about the definitions of words while not really arguing the post itself. Classic online "discourse".


Big leadership changes at PR ... accurate. 


Point #1 agreed. Folks need to be a bit more transparent about their reasons for their statements.

Point #2

Not major news here. They posted an opening for a corps director earlier in the season. Now they need to hire an office coordinator. Hardly a total replacement of staff as the initial post suggested.

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45 minutes ago, PopcornEater1963 said:

Drew Dickey announced via social media that he will not be returning to the Cavaliers in 2023 as Brass Coordinator today. I’m personally very sorry to see him go. 

The only staff at Cavaliers that didn’t leave is the percussion staff.  

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1 hour ago, corps8294 said:

Wow...Cavaliers. 2023 is definitely going to be a rebuilding year for that corps, it appears. Depending on who comes in or comes back; they could possibly be sitting in the 9th, 10th, or 11th spots, next year. 

We’ll see. Major staff changes made between 2017 and 2018. Marching technique changed from bent knee to straight leg, etc. 

2017 = 4th
2018 = 6th
2019 - 5th


It stings personally because I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of the staff, particularly brass staff, over the last 5 years. They are fine teachers, musicians, and leaders.  So I’m sad to see them move elsewhere. The 2019 brass line was a statement of where they were taking this hornline before COVID wiped out 2020. The brass team was quite public  as they came in the door in 2018 that getting the brass in contention for an Ott was a three year plan. 2019 was year two. It makes losing 2020 sting that much more… the 2019 brass were 3rd in caption and returning a bunch. 

We have no idea who’s coming, both at a senior team level and field instructors level. We also have no idea if they are still sitting on the 2020 design for future use or will be designing from scratch. 

It makes perfect sense to assume they may drop from their traditional 4-6 placements of 2016-2021. 

But without more data, which I hope is in the planning as we type here, I’m not ready to “assume” anything. 

I’m doing my best to compartmentalize my future hopes for the Corps from my sincere sadness that all this has transpired this way. 

Earlier in this or another thread, someone made the assertion that all these changes were “known” or “planned for “ prior to Indy a couple of weeks ago. While I don’t have direct knowledge to refute that, I’d bet a pretty sum that no one in the organization planned to be looking for a brass team right now.

So I’ll process in two ways. One as a fierce fan of the corps who raised a kid that turned out to be a 5- year member, 3 in leadership as a drum major… AND… one as a friend (in one case a long time friend of over 30 years) of the fine people instructing that brass line… 

I wish whatever transpired in a COVID-strangled, “shooters on the parade routes”, “no free day in San Antonio”, and other wildly uncontrollable season could have ended differently. 

Honestly, after a lifetime of me raising and guiding a young man though his formative years, I’m going to follow his lead with regards to processing what looks like an almost complete rebuild of the programming team. 

He’s just started grad school so we haven’t been able to discuss much… but I’m willing to bet if you cut him he’d still bleed green.

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