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5 hours ago, lifeisaround said:

lol “hardly a total replacement” 

Phantom Regiment staff not returning for 2023 

• Corps Director 

• Operations Manager 

• Tour Director 

• Guard Designer 

• Guard caption head 

• The entire guard staff 

• Visual Caption head 

• The entire visual staff 


but yes hardly a replacement 

In my mind, the truth is somewhere in between. Indeed there's a turnover in corps leadership, but I don't think it's as dramatic as you're making it out to be.

But nevertheless, one individual held the Operations Manager and Tour Director positions last season (perhaps other seasons). To suggest with the advertisement of an Operations Manager that they've somehow lost both positions seems a bit disingenuous. Also, do we know that Chris Drake is no longer with the corps?

Further, Adam Sage is the primary Guard Designer. Do we know that he's no longer with the corps? Stephanie Chavez had a design role and was caption head. If you're referring to her, again, one individual had those two titles. Two include two positions in your list seems a bit disingenuous. 

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I'm just sitting here thinking, what if the NFL didn't let teams announce their free agent signings until 2 weeks after the free agent period ended?  You know who left what team, but you don't know where they've signed yet!

I love this time of year in drum corps. Tuesday will be an interesting day.

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4 hours ago, Lance said:

I'd rather walk on my lips than go on facebook ever again, so thanks for the info.  I wouldn't have seen it unless you posted it, so try to be a little more gracious about it.  

OMG, that quote.    Here's the Steel Magnolias version:  👏👏👏👏👏



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