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14 minutes ago, kdaddy said:

David Starnes

Some issues surrounding his time at WCU were discussed in the Spirit/assault thread (because he was brought in by Spirit to examine the organization).

In this day and age, there's no way he wasn't thoroughly investigated and references called about all of that.

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7 minutes ago, BlueStainGlass said:

Saucedo isnt what he used to be.  Most people probably dont even remember he wrote for BS.

I wouldn't call his writing BS.

Oh, *for* BS.

I thought 2014 Blue Stars was top notch. But some other years were a little dry (though Cavies fans excited about today's announcement will blamed it on brass pedagogy).

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2 hours ago, PopcornEater1963 said:

Cavaliers: https://cavaliers.org/news-blog/2022/9/6/announcing-the-2023-music-design-team?fbclid=IwAR3AyrkJSxZQofdiOwKfVo5-YyGL1KQP3cZMivt2pp5MI3CZwgJ7LtKQoMA

Saucedo- Brass Arranger and Caption Consultant
Starnes- Program Coordinator
McIntosh - Battery and Percussion Arranger
Clif Walker - Front Ensemble Arranger

wooo hooo a return to 3 dynamic levels.....facing front, facing back, and horns down LOL

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2 hours ago, Orwellian Wiress said:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 🥺 don't let the Bluecoats change the writers/designers. I love the style and aesthetic that they've had for a while. They'd still be my favorite corps if they changed staff but nothing (at least for me) can compare to their abstract/psychedelic vibe of the 2010s.

i'd imagine any changes there would be if someone wanted to leave

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1 hour ago, Slingerland said:

2003 should have won all the marbles, and it wasn't close. 


But it wasn’t brass or music design that cost them 1st place in 2003 . It was mostly Visual Performance . 3rd- -5th at 2003 Championships  Percussion was also 2nd - 5th at Championships  ( 4th on Finals Night ) So Cavs  had   non music design issues, performance issues to be precise,  that the 2003 winner BD did not have by comparison in performance execution of their show that season . 

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2 hours ago, GREENBLUE said:

I don’t remember that being the case. Not really sure how 5 gold medals, 2 silver and 2 bronze could be boring. I DO remember the complaint was more to the brass technique/ approach and how it wasn’t Loud or exciting.

for some shows the complaint was louder than others. 2000-2001? few complaints. Same for 04 too. did he write 98 and 99? if so i'd add those to the list of few complaints

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