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Visual Individual Responsibility

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Just now, ftwdrummer said:

And the people judging would look at you and say "No, make it look good."

I would be making it 100% realistic.

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16 hours ago, Mello Dude said:

I will push back on this.  Individual excellence is FAR easier than group.  I could take 100 random people and have them walk around, dumbfounded on the field at random and say, "Hey, that's what they are supposed to represent, and am I to get credit for excellence?"  BTW the way the show would be themed Dazed and Confused.  Well written transitions, that ARE judgeable (on the field and above) are HARDER and should merit higher score when excellence is achieved.  Making a perfect circle on the field when you put a tarp down (basically a static dress point) is WAY easier than forming that circle with NO tarp.  You still give credit where it is due....not simply because you unable to make the decisions that group work is FAR harder to clean than individual.

You're missing the point here. You may THINK BD is all "random" and "scattered" but it isn't. It is all planned, designed, and well thought-out. The point is that each individual still has to be trained on how to move, act, and be expressive just like every other member. They can't just randomly go about the field like you are suggesting. I suggest you go watch BD again and watch how the members travel. It's the same style from member to member. Watch how they express themselves. It's the same from member to member. Body movement? Again the same. Stance? Again the same. 

It's two different styles. Both hard. Both achievable. And both impressive. 

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OK -- After watching some of the DCI classic videos shown in LOS, let's say a corps marching its anniversary year does a throwback to those early years of unison drill. And let's say they march it to near perfection. (We'll ignore the music portion for now.)

Would it score better (or the same) than more modern drill writing? I'm hoping the sheets allow for either style drill and give the proper credit for excellence of execution. 

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On 8/15/2022 at 9:10 AM, AzEuph said:

It’s obvious DCI judging criteria wants to reward corps for individual performance and content.  We see BD do this individual style for a large chunk of their show.  Same with SCV.

Random path to dot. Scattering.  Different step offs and arrivals.  Even forms are designed dirty so there aren’t noticeably clean lines or shapes.

Here’s what I don’t get: why?!

I’m in complete belief that doing something unison as an entire ensemble is harder than having 80 individual brass players.  One little error sticks out.

Imagine if we had the same criteria for music.  Rewarding individual intonation, pitch, attacks and releases.  Music performance is expected, and rewarded, for being unison and perfect.  Why?  Because it’s more difficult to play in unison than not.  And it sounds dirty if not in unison.

The activity has continued to progress in a lot of creative and fantastic ways. This isn’t one of them, IMO.

it's a stretch to try and compare movement and sound...  and scatter drill is nothing new... even if it's just one person doing it.   Almost every drum corp is doing what BD does on some level... you see it in guard.. you see it in percussion even.   It's been more of a topic, imho, lately because it's BD.  We are not biased fans... and I've never really understood it.  IF you want to compare... look at College Football and schools in the same division that never win a title and there are fans that are annoyed with that... but the team continues to do what they do and win.  Our hope is that we continue to see the activity evolve and change..

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It is interesting that BD is the one that gets criticized the most for scatter drill. They actually march a fair amount of drill. SCV has been egregiously terrible about lack of unison marching ever since Gaines took over

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