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Crazy Stories Of Yesterday

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1973......Traveling from Marion, OH to Butler, PA several members requested a stop to use the restroom but was told we can't stop. The driver jokingly said, "Go out the window!" We traveled on school buses and were followed by a father in his station wagon. That car was driven by an older member of the corps. Middle of the night a plan was quickly devised to have someone open the back emergency door while another held his belt. The person that had to take care of business was also held by their belt. That person did his business, an hour or so later we arrived in Butler, got off the bus to our housing and heard someone talking to the bus driver about the rain a while back. As soon as the bus driver replied, "What rain?" a lot of snickering was heard.


1975, July 4th weekend in the Chicago area (Des Plaines I believe) we were staying at a boy's home in the gym. It was about 1 AM an we were woken up by sirens getting louder and louder. Some of us went to the door while some were sleeping outside and we watched a police chase into the parking lot where the stopped a kid who stole a car.

Do you have any stories?


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