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Fading Away

Keith Hall

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My last time marching was 2003 (I think). 99% 0f that last show I marched was the best I had played and marched since 1976. I was on staff with a few corps since 1982 and learned a lot from several people. My last summer of involvement was not a good time for me as I felt like a loner. During a weekend of two competitions I was thinking over and over, "Is this what I want?' and "Do they really want me?" As I drove home I made a decision to leave the corps and the activity that I fell in love with as a 10/11 year old back in 1971. Drum corps in the 1970's was my family, my vacation and a chance to get away from my real family. I made lots of friends but I was not in any clique. I was a soloist after my second year in corps. This was made possible by the older guys leaving to join a senior corps. 

After my Army days I went back to what I loved but it wasn't the same. New people, different area. I wasn't a NAME staff member, but I hoped I did my job.

As the past 18 years have gone by I have not attended a competition. I enjoy what the kids do today but am no longer going to argue with others about why today is better than yesterday. I like to reminisce but I am also realistic. What we did back then was great and what the kids today do is great!

I'll cruise around and read and respond in a kind way. Not leaving but just waving and saying hello because it's me being KIND!

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