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1996 DCI Preliminary Rounds VHS set on Ebay, along with the Div. 2/3 Finals tape!


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1996 Drum Corps International (DCI) PRELIMINARY ROUNDS VHS set (2 tapes) in outstanding condition, plus DCI Division 2/3 Finals VHS tape.  Includes the complete video and audio performances from the 1996 DCI Championships in Orlando, FL of the Division 1 corps from Quarterfinals and Semifinals, and the complete video and audio performances of the Division 2/3 corps from their championship that week.  All performances are MULTICAMERA/STEREO.  All tapes are in outstanding condition.  The 2 tape collection of Div.1 corps from Quarters and Semis includes: Mandarins, Pioneer, Troopers, Academie Musicale, Boston Crusaders, Velvet Knights, Les Etoiles, Kiwanis Kavaliers, Glassmen, Blue Knights, Carolina Crown, Colts, Bluecoats, Magic of Orlando, Crossmen, Madison Scouts, Santa Clara Vanguard, Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, Cadets of Bergen County, and Blue Devils.  The Div. 2/3 finals tape includes: Bayonne Raiders, Northern Aurora, East Coast Jazz, Patriots, Blue Stars, Golden Lancers, Mandarins, Dimension Rive Sud, Spartans, Nite Express, Pioneer, and Les Etoiles.


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