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New book on Amazon: Resume March: Confessions of a Drum Corps Addict

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I have read it and find it very enjoyable. I think anyone interested in drum corps will like it, but particularly those of us who marched in the 70s. By the way, I am not the author. 😁

Resume March

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Hi Good People, My book, Resume March: Confessions of a Drum Corps Addict is garnering some good reviews both on Amazon and from Steve Vickers in the recent November issue of DCW. That issue also features an interview that I had with Steve regarding my history in corps and how the project unfolded. The best part of writing the book was the opportunity I had to reconnect with my marching friends from forty plus years ago. Anyone interested in a new look at the old history of the transformational 70s will no doubt find this book compelling, as I was able to connect a lot of dots in the evolution of the activity in a rather unique way. My experiences with both the Emerald Knights from Cedar Rapids and the La Crosse Blue Stars provided the vehicle to reveal this unique time in the marching arts. The book is available on Amazon.


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I found this book a very enjoyable read. If you marched at any time, but particularly the 70s most of the stories in this book will bring back fond memories. It is well written and nothing like the few other drum corps memoirs I have read. I highly recommend reading this book. I would love to discuss it on here with others who have read the book. 

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