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...The corps season started in May? Yes in 1976 we (Royal Coachmen) traveled to Canton, OH the 3rd weekend of May. Competed against Bluecoats and someone else (maybe Rose City Guardsmen). Then the next weekend was two contests in Michigan (St. Claire Shores and Riverview - I think). I also think we had a show the second weekend in September too.




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We'd start each season in Macomb IL at Western Illinois University in mid May, right before the university let out. Mostly Illinois corps including Black Knights, Knights of Kewanee and Phantom, but I do remember the Marion Cadets making the trek one year. I don't recall Cavaliers or Guardsmen there, but I may be mistaken. 

Early September the season would end in Murphrysboro IL, almost always small corps like ours. We'd win that show fairly frequently which was always a nice way to bring the year to a close. 

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As a youngster, I always thought the season began with the St. Patrick's Day Parade on 5th Ave in March (why do you think they call it "March"?), continued with indoor exhibitions at guard and I&E shows, included a couple of "standstills" at armories, progressed to "Evening with the Corps" at Carnegie or Symphony Halls, with parades and competitions extending from Memorial Day through Labor Day, finally culminating back on 5th in October, providing cadence for those Knights of Columbus cats

Every couple of years we'd get the invite to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, after which a few months of boredom set in until it was time to polish those white bucks again for that Irish shindig.

There was a lot more time for bonding than the current 6-7week season provides.

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For me, the true start to the "new" season was Memorial Day ... the new show was set for the most part, and it was now time to unveil it to family and friends ... while standstills and I&E shows gained popularity in the Winter months of the 60's, they were merely a follow-on of the season's end in October ... it was at these shows where I made many life long friends from other corps and where the "little guy" had just as much right to victory as their counterparts in the "guns". ... Drum corps was a year round activity for this kid ... 😊

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18 hours ago, Keith Hall said:

My world in the 1970's was rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday evening and every other Sunday. 1976 was a killer as our marching staff were tough on us!

We had the same rehearsal schedule during the winter and spring. Starting in about February we would add in monthly weekend camps. 

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