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If you had a drum corps, what would you name it?

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6 hours ago, LabMaster said:


I imagine every show of this hypothetical corps begins and ends with a company front. For the irony.

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The Cobb Conquistadors - and then I'd recruit all this talent in the state of Georgia(most specifically Cobb County with Kennesaw Mountain, Harrison, Walton, Lassiter, Kell, Hillgrove, etc.) that gets on planes every audition season and flies to Rosemont, Santa Clara, Akron, Boston, Concord, or drives to Fort Mill. Uniforms would be 74 Muchcacho-like, and the color scheme would be ABB...."Anything But Blue". 🙂 


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Crescent City Sound - Based in Covington, Louisiana and right down the road from the Crescent City, Crescent City plays a variety of music for everyone.

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