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I know this is not drum corps, but it is certainly related for the drum corps/marching band video collector! 🙂

2002 BANDS OF AMERICA Semifinals VHS Set. Includes 3 tapes of the top 33 high school marching bands from Semifinals at the Bands of America Semifinals in Indianapolis, IN in November of 2002. This is the multicamera view, includes original tapes and cases, except for Vol. 2 - that case has been replaced with a generic case but the tape is the ORIGINAL tape.  Released by Video Express in 2002.  Includes the following bands: Harrison County, Norwell, Lone Oak, Bassett, Thousand Oaks, Brentwood, Owasso, William Mason, Spring, Haltom, Northmont, Avon, Centerville, Cypress Creek, Norwalk, Stephen F Austin, Bellbrook, Center Grove, Lassiter, Winston Churchill, The Woodlands, Carmel, Kennesaw Mountain, Lake Park, Plymouth Canton EP, Ben Davis, Lawrence Central, Ronald Reagan, Marian Catholic, Kings, Lake Central, Union, Jackson Academy, Southwest Dekalb, Jacksonville State Univ, University of Delaware, and the Awards Ceremony.  Three tapes in all, outstanding condition. No longer available from Music for All or BOA, grab this while you can if you are a drum corps/marching band video collector!


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