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Favorite single DCI songs?

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Everyone always asks about favorite shows, but I don't think I've heard much discussion about singular songs/movements within shows.

For me, there's the obligatory House Is Not A Home, moving, touching, yada yada ya. Psychopomp, yeah I dance to DCI, something something. I don't know what the song's called, but I think it's the 2nd or 3rd movement of Kinetic Noise. I love the part beginning with the low brass groove that ends with them running in a circle.

Another interesting point of discussion: songs that you really like but don't like the rest of the show. Biggest standout for me is Agnus Dei. It's almost a copypasta at this point how my love for that song is directly proportional to my hatred of the entire show. I also didn't care much for Behold, but Do Better is one I revisit a lot. 

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Crossmen 1992- Rainforest/Puma Crossmen added a great percussion score to this awesome Metheny Esque song done by Karl Lundeberg. (Not to be confused with the Puma sneakers by Karl Lagerfeld. I was once a Sneaker Head)

Blue Devils 1988- Since I fell for you. This is how you end a show! Hats off to the soloist!

Vanguard 1976- Dark Orchid. Santa Clara didn't play jazz. This surprised me in 76 great soloist! 

Cadets 1991- Letter from home. A beautiful song and great story telling.



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1983 Madison Scouts - Strawberry Soup

1993 Phantom Regiment - The Fire of Eternal Glory

1983 Spirit of Atlanta - We are the Reason

1985 Blue Devils - First Circle

Just to name a few...

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Nothing gets the blood pumping like Conquest off the line, or El Capitan. Both of those are some of my favorites.

BAC 2010 - Rhapsody, what an amazing ballad
Cadets 2015 - Shosty 10, kinda cheating with this one

Cadets 2013 - Barber 1

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19 hours ago, mingusmonk said:

Channel One Suite

46 years later and still my all time fave. 

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