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Stacey Lynde Blue Devil Color Guard Legend, passes away

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I suspect more official data will be coming soon but I'm saddened to report that Stacy Lynde has died.

She and Shirley Stratton can be credited with utterly changing the way color guard - ultimately the entire activity - communicated through movement.

Be it Whoop-di-doos, wings, ribbons or just huge pieces of cloth .... it was HOW it was done, it was WHAT was done ....and it changed everything.

We aged out together in 1977....I was a scared rook-out and she was the only guard member who was nice to me and that helped convince me to stay and succeed.

When I came back to help with equipment in the 80's it was so much fun to watch her be herself as she taught....and be asked my opinions (maybe twice) as a composer and teacher myself in my normal life.

I think I can safely say that they still make them like her - pure Cali Girl in the best way - make them like her today and I'm glad and I know that because I recognize wonderful, talented and classy folks when I see meet them  today because I knew Stacey.....and I am ever glad and grateful .....



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