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Psychology Dissertation, Comparrison of Drummers and Non-Drummers on Well-Being

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My name is Euan Howell, and I am a third-year psychology student at Teesside University. I am currently undertaking my dissertation project looking at a comparrison of drummers and non-drummers on different psychological parameters of well-being, including satisfaction with life, percieved stress, self-efficacy and PERMA flourishing.

I am looking for people to complete my survey who have been playing drums for 5+ years or are grade 3+ as I am looking to and gather as much data as possible to aid in my comparison. If this sound interesting to you then, participants must be over 18; have attempted a driving test at least once and do not currently have a psychiatric diagnosis.

If you wish to take part in my study, then please click the link below. It should only take about 20-30 mins of your time so if you're willing, I would very much appreciate it!


http:// https://teesside.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/comparing-drummers-and-non-drummers-on-positive-psychology-3

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