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1972 and now there are three…

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Reflecting on the corps that were in 1972 finals I thought maybe 6 or more would still be in existence.  I was a little surprised to see that only three of the 12 finalists corps are still on the field.  

Can you guess the three surviving corps without looking?

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Blue Stars, Scouts, Cavaliers.

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And the sadly departed from 1972:
 1. Anaheim Kingsmen                            3. Santa Clara Vanguard                     4. 27th Lancers                                      5. Argonne Rebels                                  7. Des Plaines Vanguard                         8. Kilties                                                10. Muchachos                                    11. St. Andrews Bridgeton                   12. Bleu Raeders  

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On 5/24/2023 at 1:03 PM, Keith Hall said:

Anaheim was 13th at US Open in 1982            
6th at A-I Open and 28th at DCI in 1982 and 21 in 1983


Thanks!  Did not know that.   I last saw them in 78 and did not see or hear of them after that.   

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